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Basically, a business card site is just a single-page website on the Internet with important information about a business, product, or service. Do you think you need one? Let us help you to figure it out.

What is a Business Card Website?

A business card website is a simple and modern method to introduce yourself. You can simply redirect someone to a webpage that contains all of the necessary information. However, on traditional offline business cards, all of the information is unlikely to fit.

It’s crucial to note that a business card page differs from a landing page. There are parallels because both sorts of web resources contain a single page and a brief description of the business. A landing page, on the other hand, is established for a promotion (a short-term deal designed to spur sales development), any discounts or promotions are rarely included on a business card.

Can I Use a Website as a Business Card?

Many businesses have found that they don’t require a complex website with numerous pages and a multi-level product catalog to be successful. When it comes to telling potential customers about a company and leaving contact information, one or two pages will do. And, believe me, this is sufficient for many users as well. After all, few people enjoy scrolling through 7-10 pages of content.

You can fit a lot more information on a web page than you can on a 90×50 mm piece of cardboard. The data will be short, but it will be easier for your potential buyer or collaborator to memorize.

Because the site is freely accessible over the Internet, it serves as an additional advertisement for the company. To receive a business card, you need to go to the company’s owner or an employee offline, which drastically lowers your possible customer base. So, how do you get a digital business card website?

Who is a Business Card Site Suitable For?

This is an all-in-one online resource that is appropriate for nearly everyone including:

  • Individuals running a small business;
  • Large companies that offer services.

A business card website is universal in terms of both content and design. After all, every entrepreneur talks about their business, their products, and their contact information. If you don’t require an online store or a full-fledged corporate website, an online business card is a win-win.

What Information Should Be On a Website Business Card

Sites like these usually only contain one or a few pages. On the homepage, you’ll find a contact form as well as some basic company info. In addition, there’s a detailed look at the product and some background information about the company’s staff. The page includes directions and contact information.

Here’s a checklist to follow and if you wonder how to create a digital business card:

  • Regarding the company
    Describe the company’s activities, successes, and customer feedback.

  • Services and products
    Provide a comprehensive list of products and services, together with a detailed description and associated costs.

  • Contact information
    Phone numbers, e-mail addresses, social media accounts, and business hours, should be supplied.

This is the fundamental information that should be available on any website business card. You can add extra information, but the most important thing is to remember these basics.

Benefits of Web Business Cards

  • A brief but complete description of a business, person, or product;
  • If required, you have the option to extend your website to include a whole corporate site;
  • Bringing in customers not only through traditional means but also through the use of new technologies;
  • Maximum cost-effectiveness;
  • Contributes to the marketing of the organization or a person;
  • Easy to maintain;
  • Can be used by freelancers and professionals in any field to showcase their work and develop a portfolio.

How Expensive are These Websites?

It all comes down to the site’s content and how it was put up. If you hire agencies, studios, or freelancers, expect to pay from $200 to $400.

What to Look for When Creating a Business Card Website

If you’re about to create your own business card website, there are some basic things you need to know.

Nice design

The content should be readable, and the visitor’s eyes should not tired of the vibrant colors and images. It is recommended to construct a website in the company’s corporate style, avoiding the use of more than three colors and several fonts.

Logically structured content

The visitor must be able to understand and discover the information they require intuitively. Text, headings, subheadings, and any other important info should be structured and highlighted for the user’s convenience.

Communication with the visitor

Consider leaving a message like, “we will contact you soon” if someone filled out the contact form with their information. If they ended up on the 404 page, include a link back to the home page.

Download speed

The number and size of images, animated designs, site weight, and hosting all have an impact on how quickly a business card personal website loads. Google PageSpeed Insights can help you determine if your site is running at the recommended speed of 2 seconds.

Website promotion

While SEO promotion on the personal website business card is challenging due to the lack of content, it is quite possible.  Pay close attention to how the semantic core is put together and how it is linked on the website. Contextual and targeted advertising, on the other hand, yields great outcomes. Make it your own by adding a custom design of a business card website to attract your intended audience. This will encourage interested to visit your web page.